Saturn's Return

Guest Post by Jessica Irwin of Boundless and Free

Astrology anyone? Not me.

But I was recently watching the latest season of Parks & Rec (Spoiler alert? Meh, I’ll keep it mysterious!) in which a certain 30-ish year old reaches a life crisis, suddenly thrown into doubt about their purpose on Earth.

The reason for this crisis is eloquently explained by another character as Saturn’s Return. In essence, the time it takes Saturn to orbit the sun and return to the same spot in the sky as it was when you were born is about 29 years. 

And when it returns? BAM! The turmoil and self-discovery begin.

Having never heard this before, I was intrigued and did a little Wikipedia action on it. Apparently, the Return of Saturn is an astrological sign that begins to show its effects in a person’s late twenties. And, psychologically speaking, this first return of Saturn is when a person is considered to have reached full adulthood, with all the challenges and responsibilities that go along with it.

Now, normally I would throw astrology out the “I’m too smart for that” window, but I do love an explanation for things, especially when it makes so much sense with the course of my own life.

Namely because I am totally in the middle of Saturn’s Return!

Ah, finally a reason for three years of clothes busting at the seams because they can no longer contain the rate at which I’m growing (figuratively that is!). At last some method to the madness of turmoil, doubt, and indecision. And finally, just maybe, some peace that this life phase is perfectly normal, that I’m not alone, and that this is not going to kill me.

As long as I don’t turn into the Hulk … Because I’d really prefer a prettier kind of metamorphosis, something along the lines of a cocoon bursting into a butterfly.

So what do you think? Are you feeling the tug of Saturn’s first return? Or have you already survived it and come out the other side a more beautiful you? Leave a comment to let me know. 

(Editor's Note: If you are going through this phase of life, perhaps a Muddy Shoe Adventure is calling to you!)

About the Author | Jessica Irwin is a travel and wellness writer who inspires people to go places. She dreams of quenching her own unquenchable wanderlust while pursuing meaningful work, financial freedom, and a healthy mind, body, and spirit. You can follow her on her blog, Boundless and Free, where she writes about her pursuit of this life beyond boundaries.