A Guide to Adventure Travel Dream Destinations

By Elena Sonnino | LiveDoGrow | February 18, 2016

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I believe in adventure travel. For the experience. For the immersion in a moment. For the potential transformation.

But adventure travel is more than a series of zip-lining or adrenaline pumping challenges. Adventure travel is a feeling. An opportunity. To explore the outdoors. To immerse yourself in local flavors and customs. To push boundaries. To meet people.

And as far as the transformation goes? Adventure travel oozes possibilities that fill us up with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness.

So … the question is: Where should you go for the ultimate adventure travel dream destination and life-altering journey?

Here is my list of 10 Adventure Travel Dream Destinations.

Call it an adventure travel bucket list. A dream list. A must see list. There are A LOT of fabulous places around the globe for adventure. I’m not sure that an entire lifetime is enough to experience them all, so for now – I am sharing my favorite adventure travel dream destinations that I loved and want to go back to as well as new-to-me adventures that are are the very tippy top of my list.

You will notice a few similarities. These dreamy destinations are absolutely skewed toward my love of the mountains and water (and their energizing properties). For each destination I’ve shared either my experience or why it ranks at the top of my list as well as additional articles to delve deeper into the experience. 

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About Elena Sonnino | Elena is a travel and wellness writer, strategist, runner, hiker, cancer survivor, and chaser of dreams. Elena’s life long passion is travel. She shares inspirational travel stories and experiences at LiveDoGrow  and focuses on finding everyday wellness around the world. Her travel writing has been published in GoGo Concourse, EveryTrail for Trip Advisor, Have Family Will Travel by Four Seasons, Let’s Roll, This Girl Travels, and Trip Advisor.