9 Travel Blogs We Love

9 Travel Blogs We Love


By Michael Bennett & Alex Grundy | Originally published 3/22/2016

Muddy Shoe Adventures is all about helping people travel the world and transform their life. But for MSA, our mission transcends getting people to go on our trips: We do our best to simply inspire others to travel (whether they go with us, with another tour operator, or on their own) and educate people on how to explore the world safely while also having a great time, meeting new friends, learning about new people and cultures, and shifting their perspectives!

So where do we get our inspiration? Well, throughout the past 3 years, we have often found ourselves going to these 9 travel blogs for information, motivation, and often times, a hearty laugh. Each of these amazing people has educated us as well as challenged us to push beyond our own comfort zones into our zone of greatness, just as we do with our travelers, and we hope you will get value from reading them as well!

1. The Everywhereist – Geraldine

Geraldine’s quirky humor and love for her husband are the driving points to her travel blog, The Everywhereist. She’s been following her husband around the world ever since she was laid off from her job, and she keeps the blog so that he can remember the places they’ve visited, the things they’ve seen, and the things she’s seen when he’s in meetings for his job.

2. The Expert Vagabond – Matthew Karsten

Matt’s original plan was to travel for one year. That was five years ago. Now, he is a full-time adventure travel blogger and photographer. On The Expert Vagabond, Matt shares entertaining stories, useful travel tips, fun videos, amazing photography, and crazy adventures from his non-stop travels around the world. It’s a place for people who seek daily inspiration and motivation to live a life of adventure.

3. The Great Affair – Candace Rose Rardon

Seven years ago, Candace hesitantly took Joseph Campbell’s advice and “let go of the life (she) had planned so as to have the life that is waiting for (her).” In doing so, she opened herself up to the myriad of possibilities the world has to offer. While stepping off the edge of a safe existence into the unknown was a terrifying prospect, Candace sensed that something incredible awaited her if she could take that initial leap of faith. Life has been an adventure ever since. Since 2008, she has been writing, telling travel stories, and drawing sketches on her website, The Great Affair. Her mission? To get you, too, to fall in love with the world and the possibilities it offers, be inspired to take your own leap of faith, and live life to its fullest.

4. Legal Nomads – Jodi Ettenberg

Jodi Ettenberg is a former lawyer currently traveling (and eating) her way around the world, one country at a time. In 2008, Jodi quit her job as a lawyer and took off to travel the world for what she thought would be a year. As she traveled, she wanted a place to post photos and share crazy stories so that my friends and family could follow along from afar. And thus, Legal Nomads was born. 7 years later, Legal Nomads remains a place to tell stories. You can learn about how food shapes what we see and experience, and how it deepens our knowledge of culture and history. Through Legal Nomads, Jodi shares her adventures (and misadventures) and the stories behind the foods we eat. She also has resources for world travel, tips for eating street food in the form of a book, and hand-drawn typographic maps of food. More than anything, Jodi's work and this site is about connecting others through the universality of food.

5. LiveDoGrow – Elena Sonnino

Elena Sonnino is a travel and wellness writer, life coach, runner, hiker, cancer survivor, and chaser of dreams. She shares her passions for travel and wellness through her website and blog, LiveDoGrow, where you can find travel stories and experiences, tips, and inspiration to help you find everyday wellness in far-flung lands ... and your own backyard! Elena’s journey is fueled by her perspective as a survivor and experience as a mom. 

6. Nomad Is Beautiful – Ivana Greslikova and Gianni Bianchini

Ivana and Gianni are a digital nomad couple, travel writers, photographers, and video-makers. They quit their jobs in 2013 after saving up enough money to take a trip around the world, sold and gave away everything they owned, packed their carry-on luggage, and set out on their journey. Their mission -- in life and through Nomad is Beautiful -- is to inspire and develop the creative part inside of you as you open a new and unpredictable chapter of your life.

7. Nomadic Samuel – Samuel Jeffery

Nomadic Samuel’s story starts off a little differently than what you’ll most likely read on your typical travel blog. He doesn’t have an “escape from the cubicle tale,” but instead became a wandering nomadic soul completely infatuated by all the splendor and woe longterm travel has to offer an individual. In his blog, he aims to capture both sides of the coin through travel photos and videos, quirky travel stories, and photography tips.

8. The Traveler’s Mindset – Ginger Kern

Ginger Kern is the creator of The Traveler's Mindset website and is a TEDx speaker on The Key to Living a Life of Adventure. She has worked, studied, and traveled abroad, exploring over 25 countries so far, and remembers what it was like to take the leap and create a new life in a different country. It wasn't easy, but it was so worth it for her, and now she is helping others overcome those same barriers. Now back in the States, Ginger is working towards the day that all Americans have passports and travel internationally (as of 2015, 38% of U.S. citizens have a passport!). To that end, The Traveler's Mindset provides resources, expert interviews, and strategies for not only traveling abroad for the first time, but for bringing your adventurous spirit and curiosity back home with you into your everyday life!

9. Young Adventuress – Liz Carlson

Liz got her first taste for traveling when she was 16 years old. 10 years and 40 something countries later, her wanderlust has only grown and the list of countries she plans on visiting has gotten longer. After living in Spain for the past few years and returning home for a stint, Liz quit her job and moved to New Zealand. A self-proclaimed wanderer, Liz is currently traveling the world in search of her next big adventure. You can follow her misadventures as she wanders, eats, and photographs her way around the world through Young Adventuress.

We hope you enjoyed exploring these blogs, writers, and artists as much as we do! If you have other recommendations for amazing travel blogs that our community here would love, tell us by leaving a comment below!

Michael & Alex