Explorer X's Muddy Shoe Adventures collection is a series of handcrafted, LIFE-CHANGING adventures that EMPOWER PEOPLE to make real transformations in their lives, their work, and the world. At Explorer X, we believe that … Travel is pregnant with the possibility of transformation … If you want something you have never HAD before, you must be willing to DO something you have never done before … Spending time in NATURE is one of the most powerful forms of physical and spiritual healing … DISCONNECTING from the craziness of every day life helps us RECONNECT with ourselves … Any adventure is as much about the INNER JOURNEY as it is about the outer one … GETTING MUDDY means having the COURAGE to go within yourself to find out what you are really made of … Adventures come in many forms: Physical, cultural, emotional, social, and spiritual … Pushing our COMFORT ZONES opens our minds and hearts to new ideas and possibilities … A supportive group environment nurtures vulnerable, honest, and powerful CONVERSATIONS that allow us to see everything and everyone through NEW EYES and new perspectives ... These ENLIGHTENED PERSPECTIVES empower us to take PURPOSEFUL ACTION as we create the life that we want ... This inspired action allows us to realize our individual and collective POTENTIAL … Only YOU have the power to transform your life ... TOGETHER, WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD.