When I was 19-years-old, I traveled abroad for the first time, visiting Costa Rica for 6 weeks as part of study abroad program through the University of Delaware. Over that month-and-a-half, I managed to get hit (and almost killed) by a car, fall in love for the first time, learn how to communicate in a foreign language, and change my perspectives of the world, myself, and my life. Most importantly, this adventure taught me that getting out of your comfort zones, pushing personal limits, experimenting with new ways of being, and critically reflecting on who you are, where you came from, how you got to where you are now, and what you really want in life are just some of the benefits of travel. When we engage in experiences like the one I had in Costa Rica, it is impossible not to change. Above all else, though, my time in Costa Rica taught me this: 

Travel is pregnant with the possibility of transformation.

After my experiences in Costa Rica, travel became my passion: I climbed mountains in the Pacific Northwest, scaled volcanoes in Guatemala, hiked the Great Wall of China, mountain-biked through the Swiss Alps, and lived in Denmark for 5 months, among other experiences. Despite these adventures, and despite milestone achievements like earning my MBA, getting married, and having a successful career as an organizational consultant, I felt unfulfilled. One day, while hiking near Innsbrück in the Austrian Alps with a friend, we began discussing the question:

If you had all the time and money in the world, how would you serve others?

My response came without hesitation: Combine my love of travel with a passion for helping people find passion, purpose, and meaning in life by leading adventure travel programs around the world. Inspired by this vision and calling, Muddy Shoe Adventures was born.

The philosophy that underlies all of our adventure programs hinges on the idea that travel and adventure gets people out of their comfort zones and into the world. By shifting the physical locations and cultural landscapes, our programs challenge participants to see things anew in their personal lives and in their work. All of our programs provide the space, time, and structure for you to reconnect with what is most important to you, create a vision of the future that you want, and develop an action plan for making that vision a reality.

At MSA, our goal is to use adventure travel experiences to inspire and empower you to bring more passion, purpose, and meaning in your life. We believe in the transformational potential of travel. And we hope that you will include us on your journey of transformation. What better time than now to begin re-writing the story of your life and to be the creator of your future? 

Muddily Yours ...