Muddy Shoe Adventures is a carefully crafted collection of change agents, coaches, and consultants who share a passion for helping people transform their lives through travel experiences. Armed with advanced degrees from some of the world's top universities, coaching certifications, decades of experience working with clients, and some of the craziest and most life-changing travel stories you will ever hear, our Program Leaders will inspire and empower you begin living a more passion-filled, purpose-driven, and meaningful life!

MICHAEL BENNETT, ED.D. | Founder & Chief Adventure Officer

Michael is a seasoned traveler, organizational consultant, accidental entrepreneur, and life/career coach who has dedicated his life to helping others change their lives through his coaching and travel programs. Inspired by his own transformational travel experiences and a personal struggle to find meaningful work, Michael launched MSA in 2011 as way to support others in bringing more passion, purpose, and meaning to their lives. He earned his Bachelors Degree from the University of Delaware and both his Global MBA and his Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership from Pepperdine University. 

DON MANKIN, PH.D. | Organizational Consultant & Program Leader

Don is an intrepid adventurer and has traveled to the far corners of the planet. His book, Riding the Hulahula to the Arctic Ocean (National Geographic Press), was called one of the best travel books of 2008 by The Wall Street Journal. Don’s travel articles appear regularly in the Huffington Post; he also blogs about his travels on his Adventure Geezer website. Don has worked as a university dean and professor and organizational consultant, and authored several books about organizational psychology. He earned a B.S. from Drexel University and a Ph.D. in Psychology from Johns Hopkins University.

LINDSAY BROWN | Marketing Consultant & Program Leader

Hailing from Marin County, CA, Lindsay grew up with a divine appreciation for unrehearsed life experiences and the natural beauty of the outdoors. Lindsay gratefully steps out into the world as a traveler, inspired writer, and soul seeking mentor, and hopes to help others find their purpose and fulfill it. After residing in Italy, getting lost in translation in Germany, and navigating her way through the Greek Islands, Lindsay's understanding for how new adventures shape your "inner world" became undeniable. She is an ICF-certified life coach.

JENNA MARKOWICK, MS | Marketing Consultant & Program Leader

Jenna Markowick is on an authentic journey to soul discovery. On her path to become a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner at the Agape University of Transformative Studies and Leadership, she has taken extensive workshops in personal and spiritual development including meditation, life visioning, affirmative prayer, and mysticism. She earned a certificate in Energy Healing from Connect Within and has taken shamanism workshops through The Foundation of Shamanic Studies. Jenna is an avid world traveler and outdoor enthusiast. She has lived, worked, and traveled to Nepal, Costa Rica, Colombia, China, Fiji, Southeast Asia, and Europe. She lives in Portland, OR. 

JUANITA WEAVER, MA | Program Leader

As a creativity and mindfulness teacher, Juanita has led corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and inner city children into the unknown, with joyful and profound results. Her teaching brings creative vitality and greater possibility to the life choices of individuals. She first discovered the bigger world during her junior year at the London School of Economics, and has been traveling ever since. Juanita's column, The Creative Zone, was featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, and her creative coaching efforts have been mentioned in Fast Company Magazine. Juanita nourishes her personal creativity through improvisation and writing poetry.

MARLI WILLIAMS, MS | Program Leader

Marli is an Activation Coach, Purpose Finder, and Inspiration Generator whose mission in life is to help others get out of their own way so that they can unleash their greatest gifts to the world. With over 10 years of experience as a mentor, educator, and wilderness guide in the fields of higher education and outdoor recreation, she brings her passion for creating transformational experiences to everyone she has the opportunity to connect with. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Outdoor Education from the University of New Hampshire and a Master’s Degree in Education from Western Washington University. In her free time Marli loves playing ultimate frisbee, trail running with her dog, Summit, and going on adventures with friends!

KRISTEN YATES | Retreat Consultant & Program Leader

Kristen is a life coach, retreat planner, yoga teacher, Ayurveda enthusiast, and world traveler who's been exploring transformational travel firsthand for the past 5 years. Inspired by the promise of adventure and exploration, Kristen began traveling and teaching English abroad in 2010. She now inspires others to take the leap and reach out for their own big dreams, using travel as a transformational tool to turn their vision into reality. Kristen's other passions include yoga, holistic nutrition, and art. She finds incredible inspiration from the natural environment and shared group experiences. She earned a psychology degree from Gonzaga University and lives in Portland, OR.