Our team is a carefully crafted collection of change agents, coaches, and consultants who share a passion for helping people transform their lives through travel experiences. Armed with advanced degrees from some of the world's top universities, coaching certifications, decades of experience working with clients, and some of the craziest and most life-changing travel stories you will ever hear, our Travel Mentors will inspire and empower you begin living a more passion-filled, purpose-driven, and meaningful life!

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Founder, Chief Adventure Officer, Travel Mentor

Michael is a seasoned traveler, organizational consultant, accidental entrepreneur, and life/career coach who has dedicated his life to helping others change their lives through travel. Inspired by his own transformational travel experiences and a personal struggle to find meaningful work, Michael launched MSA in 2011 as way to support others in bringing more passion, purpose, and meaning to their lives. Michael recently helped launch Explorer X.



Chief Exploration Officer, Travel Mentor

Jake is the founder of award-winning adventure travel company Evergreen Escapes as well as the recently launched Explorer X, a company that is pioneering the art of Transformational Travel. Recognized by the Puget Sound Business Journal as a 'Top 40 Under 40 Business Leaders in 2014,' Jake is known throughout the industry as an innovator and disruptor with tenacious ambition, an unquenchable entrepreneurial spirit, and genuine personality.


MSA Team Adventures Program Leader, Travel Mentor

Don is an intrepid adventurer and has traveled to the far corners of the planet. His book, Riding the Hulahula to the Arctic Ocean (NatGeo Press), was called one of the best travel books of 2008 by The Wall Street Journal. Don’s travel articles appear regularly in the Huffington Post and on his Adventure Geezer blog and website. Don has authored several books about organizational psychology. He earned a Ph.D. in Psychology from Johns Hopkins University.