Still unsure if a Muddy Shoe Adventure is for you? Check out a sampling of the success stories from MSA Alumni.

My wife I went on the Muddy Shoe Surf & Hike Adventure as a Father’s Day weekend treat. We both wanted to try our surfing and thought this would be a great way to “get our feet wet,” so to speak. We expected to surf and hike, but we got so much more out of the day. The MSA team put together an amazing day of physical and mental challenges that left my wife and I exhausted, but at the same time re-energized. With the guidance of Michael and the rest of the MSA team, we were able to take a moment to step back from the routine of daily life and re-focus on those things that are most important in our lives. If you have a chance to participate in a Muddy Shoe Adventure, we highly recommend you take it!
— Eric & Vivi from Playa Vista on their Surfing Adventure
I participated in the one-day surf and hike adventure in Malibu and it was awesome! Not only did we learn how to surf, we learned about the importance of having balance in life (and surfing!). Surrounded by great company, I got the opportunity to meet new people, challenge myself and engage in insightful conversations about life and what it means to be fully present and engaged with the life you are living. I will recommend MSA to all my friends. It was a great adventure that I think everyone should experience!
— Katie from Pasadena on her Surfing Adventure
I participated in the Muddy Shoe Adventure Hike in Santa Monica. First off, they chose a great location, provided easy directions, and they even had coffee and snacks, which I feel is the best way to start off an early morning adventure!! :) Secondly, I really enjoyed the staff, they had a well prepared itinerary and they were very friendly. We met in a small group, had a few separate moments for discussions and reflections, and then we enjoyed a beautiful hike in between our thoughts. I really enjoyed my adventure, and I even made a few new friends! I recommend you to join in on the fun; I’ll see you there! Thanks again MSA!
— Kristi from Pasadena on her Hiking Adventure
I had a wonderful time on my Muddy Shoe Adventure. The program was a perfect balance between activity, reflection, and fun. Not only did I try something I’ve been anxious to try for years (surfing!) but I was also able to apply much of what we discussed throughout the day to my everyday life. The staff was knowledgeable and encouraging and the other participants were welcoming and friendly–-in fact, I have another surfing session with a new friend I made while on the program! Overall, it was an amazing and day and I left refreshed and rejuvenated.
— Allie from Santa Monica on her Surfing Adventure
I participated in the Santa Monica Mountain hike and had a great time. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the combination of outdoor activity and honest discussion was productive and enjoyable. I plan on going on another Muddy Shoe Adventure and recommend any of their future trips!
— Matt from Los Angeles on his Hiking Adventure